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write-invite result announced

I came third in the ballot (that is, last). 

The league table for 2011 is now complete and I came 12th.  If I were the literary equivalent of a football pundit, I would call that “mid-table obscurity”.  

This year, I entered the competition 30 times, and was short-listed 3 times.  In 2010, the first year I took part, I entered 11 times and was never short-listed.  I will attempt in 2012 to be short-listed 3 times as soon as possible, and then go on from there.  This is an approach that might have been taken by the great football manager and philosopher, Howard Wilkinson. 

Only one person in the final table above me is male.  One writer also above me (you get a point for entering and and point for voting each week) entered 41 times and was never short-listed.  I admire her (as Arnold Bennett put it) “fixity of purpose”. 

The prize for coming first is currently 12.5 times the weekly entrance fee.  It would be nice to finish 2012 in profit, or at least to break even. 

I fight on.


2 responses to “write-invite result announced

  1. Clare Holt December 29, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    Hi William, how was third in teh write-on-site coming last?
    Clearly there are some flaws in the league system, but bloody well done you I say.

    Clare x

  2. wthirskgaskill December 30, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    I mean I came last in the ballot stage: I got the fewest votes out of the three writers who were short-listed. I must admit I am rather disappointed at this. This was the first time that I got onto the short-list with a piece that I myself was happy with.

    I fight on.

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