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Lyrics news 2

I have reason to believe that there is an establishment in the largest city in Louisiana, entitled, “The Rising Sun”. It has become associated with poor life choices. I can say this from experience.

My mother worked in a very low-paid job in the clothing industry, but the family benefitted from the fact that she had the skills to make most of my clothes, including denim trousers.

My father was a rather unsatisfactory individual who spent most of his time playing cards and betting on horses, and he dwelt near the delta in Louisiana, which was inconvenient, because we live in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

The best thing that could be said for my father’s lifestyle was that his needs were simple, being confined to little more than the means to pack his goods. He was at his most content when his blood alcohol level was significantly over the legal limit for driving.

I have presented a seminar at the local SureStart centre on the subject of Life Choices. I specifically enjoined people not to frequent the kind of establishment mentioned previously.

I have a Billy Liar-style choice of what I might do next. I might choose freedom. I might end up in prison.

To summarise: there is an establishment in the biggest city in Louisiana, which has been associated with social exclusion, particularly among young men. I regret to say that this has affected my biography. This establishment is called, “The Rising Sun”.

[There used to be a pub on Kirkstall Road in Leeds called “The Rising Sun”, now sadly reduced to a furniture warehouse.]

[Now, sadly reduced to nothing.]