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Monthly Archives: October 2012

It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter whether you can attack a burglar or not.  The law was understandable before.   11 cases of householders attacking burglars have been brought to court in the last 10 years.  

I have been burgled, twice.  Once in 1990 and again in 2006.

I vote that the next Prime Minister should be Jewish

Democracy in the UK is being taken for granted.  Everywhere I look, I see people who did not vote at the last election, or the election before that.  I see women who have not voted.  Well, throw me in front of the King’s horse and mash me to a pulp.

If I could conjure the next Prime Minister out of my imagination, I would wish for an educated, intelligent person whose parents had fled continental Europe to come to the UK to escape Nazi persecution.

That is why I am glad to have Ed Miliband as the leader of the Labour Party.  That is why I will be voting for Mary Creagh in my local constituency.

Something you ought to know

I have joined the Labour Party.

There is activity against the BNP that needs to be carried out. It is not going to happen by itself. It needs an author. I quite like the idea of being Wakefield’s anti-BNP officer.