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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Middle-aged writer marketing rant #1

I enrolled with the Open University to do creative writing and I wrote a story which my tutor put in for a competition and there were a thousand entries and I came second and won £250 and I got to appear at the Huddersfield Literature Festival and then I wrote some poems for another assignment and three of these were published as well and I got to go on a tour to promote them and the editor was not available for the performance at the Ted Hughes Festival and so I organised it fronted it and it ended on time and it went very well and then I had a story published by The Fiction Desk and then I came second in a competition with 5 Minute Fiction and then I entered the 5 Minute Fiction Christmas competition and I won it and I got to stay at a writers’ retreat in Devon for two nights with free wine and I had an e-story published it was the first in a set of six the second being by Marina Lewycka but it didn’t sell and after less than a year the publisher pulled the plug on it and the book that my £250 story appeared in is out of print and the book that my three poems appeared in is out of print and the Fiction Desk collection that I appear in is nearly out of print and so the only work of mine which is still obtainable is a novella of 37 pages called Escape Kit which costs GBP 5.99 in book form or GBP 1.99 for Kindle and I know why people are reluctant to buy it – colon – it is because nobody wants to read 37 pages by an unknown author they want something more sustaining and satisfying and that would be fine if the other stuff were still in print and I am trying to get a collection published under my own name believe me I am trying but it is not easy 3 words I fight on I keep saying 3 words I fight on I fight on I fight on.