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Kirstie has the last laugh

I have been outwitted by a friend who has given me a hand-made tie for Christmas, and a book by Kirstie Allsop for my girlfriend.

The tie is of knitted green yarn, and reminds me of some of the ties that my late father, who wore a tie every day, even for digging in the garden, wore.  It does not look home made, and I will wear it gladly. 

My favourite present is a Dymo label printer.  I have begun to label everything in the house.  Chair.  Table.  Knife.  Fork. Spoon.  Salt.  Pepper.  Cat1, Cat2, Cat3, Cat4.  Boy.  Woman. 

Next week: verbs.  Instructions.  Admonitions.  Pleas.  The possibilities are endless.  This is only the beginning.  I wonder if any-one has ever written an entire short story on a Dymo.


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