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Plink Plink Fizz made even sillier (content warning)

By using Bing translate, I translated the text into Japanese and then back into English. 

Detective shilling blamed brake and stumbled upon “A T… Inspector” adidas track suit young road. He stops in front of his yards more than manages. And topple the car gently youth and puts his hand on the hood. He grinned. Gingivitis gums boy shilling fear impact on noticed. He took a cold drink or ice cream, he exposed dentin sensitivity is whenever he is visibly.
Risk get a shilling to assist about him, another Samaritan come and assist young car: girl nor her late teens track and dark blue suits-women showed that she wore her long hair and soft skin. She is shilling is something she fixed appliance noticed both jaws. Some serious orthodontic work-perhaps had happened ago in the extraction of some. Her small Chin average higher than the capacity of the brain that did you? What was done to separate whether the people of her work. Who paid for it? In the minds of the shilling question that was blowing. His abandoned car in the middle of the road, Fox, reporting went to the nearest Pub. The shilling never had only four pubs had set foot in Glasgow. He liked the new experience.
7-Year-old small group car, shilling left after the gasoline-filled milk bottles, hammer hand fell. He has ignored them. He grant his emergency had planned and Mr. McEwan.
Saloon and Pack in the pub, drank their lunch customers is as commotion so loud. Most of them small stage will be ignored and the trio of teenage girls, each stocking who painted in the massage oil, gyrated and together they rub heavily pregnant bellies except the heels naked throbbing music. Appalled by the shilling stunned you have. Saw something that did not have probably none of them was my teeth, clearly, floss. He then reached, hiding the “cone” brush, nylon lace garter girl some packets 0.5 mm. At least he can do. He could not get the opportunity to show how they use them only. Eager was he all corners and get stiff probe crevasse.
Shilling order his usual: export and two straws at 1 pint of 70 cl bottle of whiskey. He then quaffed beer and contemplatively spirit drew straws. He should be given. Had picked some one the Castlemilk estate vulnerable girls, reasons for them – for – fixed appliance is installed up-to-date pay,? What, the Mr. big Mrs or Ms or doctor or pastor big) got in return.

2 responses to “Plink Plink Fizz made even sillier (content warning)

  1. Paul Sharratt November 22, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    Ah, online translators… I tried putting some of my own song lyrics through that one: it translated “reddened bath water” as “red hot” and the lines “Crazy cat lady how did you become/A hate-able eccentric whose life is never fun” as, “How to become a crazy Cat Lady, or life is never, or nasty Richard Griffiths eccentric, fun?” Quite how Richard Griffiths got in there I will never understand, at least not without learning Japanese.

  2. wthirskgaskill November 23, 2011 at 10:08 am

    I infer that the on-line translator thinks that Richard Griffiths is something related to a hateable eccentric. Richard Griffiths is an actor, and I am led to believe that many actors are hateable. He often plays eccentrics, and I suspect is quite eccentric himself, and so that seems perfectly reasonable to me.

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