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Rude manifesto


1.      Rude boys and rude girls are equal. 

2.      Rude boys and rude girls do not discriminate against rude people from the LGBTQ community.  If yah rude, yah in.  This manifesto uses the term ‘rudie’ to include every member of our movement.

3.      No racism.  Our music is based on black music.  Our movement is multi-racial.  We hate racism, because we hate hatred itself. 

4.      I said, No racism.  ‘If your friends are racist, don’t pretend to be my friend.’



5.      Rudies are generally opposed to violence.  Our movement is about love and understanding. 

6.      Rudies, if subjected to, or observing, violence in a relationship, will report it to the relevant authority.

7.      Rudies will under no circumstances take part in sport-related hooliganism, or any form of religious sectarianism. 

8.      Rudies will, before engaging in violence, demonstrate the principle that, if you look hard, you don’t have to do anything. 

9.      If rudies are up against racists or fascists, they will stand up for what they believe in, in whatever way they consider appropriate, bearing in mind the long-term interests of our movement. 


Rudies will, at such times, bear in mind the legacy of such people as Darcus Howe.  They will not engage in behaviour likely to besmirch such legacy. 



10.  Dreadlocks, or

11.  Short. 

12.  In the latter case, preferably with sideburns.

13.  Bobs, featherheads, and other styles are allowed for female rudies.



14.  Keep it simple. 

15.  If in doubt: jeans, boots, braces, T-shirt, Harrington jacket.


Roots and Culture

16.  Rudies will do everything possible to strengthen and expand the reach of reggae and ska music. 

17.  When such music is played in a public place, rudies will skank, to the best of their ability. 



18.  Rudies believe in One Love and One I-nity.

19.  Rudies believe in No-one Left Behind. 

20.  Rudies pay their taxes. 

21.  Rudies campaign for political change. 


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