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A state of affairs exists in which temperate-zone precipitation continually descends upon my cranium.

I feel a great sense of empathy with the individual who finds that his masculine frame has outgrown his mattress.

And yet this ghastly precipitation continues.

I entered earnestly into dialogue with representatives of our local insolation-provider. I stipulated that service-level agreements were not being met. I went so far as to accuse them of having allowed their agents to take siestas while they were on billable time.

The relentless precipitation continues.

Nevertheless, one remains convinced that, despite this current state of affairs, a much more favourable outlook remains in prospect.

I would like it to be understood that precipitation is in no way related to any lachrymatory reaction on my part.  I espouse a belief system in which precipitation is in no way related to personal feelings.

The rest of the meeting was very repetitive. It suffices to say that I feel insulated from any immediate dangers or upheavals.


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