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Circ: Separated by a Common Language.

A lovely review of the ‘Separated by a Common Language’ event at the Library of Birmingham, chaired by Heide Goody, and attended by me, Simon Fairbanks, Giselle Thompson, Luke Beddow, and Jason Holloway.

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On Friday when I posted my review of Circ I mentioned that I was planning on attending an event about it today.

Separated by a Common Language was all about the process of writing a collaborative piece and the sorts of barriers that you would have to overcome to do so, including cultural barriers (and the writers  were international). It was designed to be accessible to someone who hadn’t read Circ, so having read Circ is not really a requirement to understand this post either.

It was an interesting session to attend. It was interesting to see how the writers had experienced the process, and got me thinking about sides which I hadn’t considered. Plus it reminded me of parts of the novel that maybe I should have mentioned in my review (just goes to show that maybe I should start writing notes when I finish a book). I am going…

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