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Freedom of movement

This is a poem that came to me when I was reflecting on ‘Upstairs’. I am indebted to my fellow writer, Alison McCormack, for having provided the prompt, “I’ve got Tolstoy in a toboggan”.

Freedom of movement

I’ve got Hardy in a handcart
I’ve got Bennett in a bin-bag
I’ve got Trollope in a trolley
I’ve got Kipling in a kit-bag
I’ve got Pushkin on a push-cycle
I’ve got Forster in a 4×4
I’ve got Solzhenitsyn in a solar-powered experimental vehicle
I’ve got Zola in a Zephyr
I’ve got Empson in an E-type
I’ve got Waugh in a wire basket
I’ve got Amis in an Amish horse-drawn buggy
I’ve got Yeats in a yacht
J’ai Voltaire dans une voiture d’occasion
I’ve got Dostoyevsky in a dune buggy
I’ve got Rabelais in a Reliant Robin
I’ve got Orwell in an Oldsmobile
I’ve got Chandler in a Chrysler
I’ve got Milton on a milk-float
I’ve got Levi in a limousine
I’ve got Updike in a U-boat
I’ve got Joyce in a jalopy
I’ve got Ginsberg in a General Purpose Vehicle
I’ve got Nesbo in a Nissan
I’ve got Ishiguro in an Isuzu


One response to “Freedom of movement

  1. Paul Sharratt April 15, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Get Chekov in a Chaika.

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