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‘The Companion’: Final Instalment day postponed

I posted some while ago that 18 March 2012 would be Final Instalment day for ‘The Companion’.  In other words, I had intended to post all the chapters up to number 58 before that date, with number 59, on 18th. 

This has not happened for two reasons.  First, I had been busy with other projects in the run-up to 18th, mainly because of the launch of the ‘Grist’ poetry anthology and also because of an appearance on ‘Themes for Dreamers’.  Preparation for both of these is very time-consuming, and that is to say nothing of the fact that I have come to a crucial stage in my Open University course. 

The second reason is that I have been considering some feedback I have had from tutors and from agents who have seen the opening chapters, and I have decided to re-write the beginning.  This may or may not result in a complete re-write of the whole novel. 

Anybody who wants to continue reading the current version can email me at wjtg2@my.open.ac.uk


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