Contemporary short fiction, poetry and more

‘The Companion’: chapter 23 (content warning: explicit sex and adult themes)

Because the last instalment was not romantic enough.


My brewing business is making me rich.  A barrel of beer contains 288 pints, which I sell for two pence a pint (a bit less than half an hour’s wages for an unskilled labourer).  Hence I sell the whole barrel for five pounds, seven shillings and sixpence.  When my business is at full capacity (as it has been for some time now) I brew a hundred barrels a week.  I have to rent space in the farm to grow the raw materials and pay the workers in my brewery (I am now employing four people almost full-time) but my profit margin is about fifty per cent.  I am making about 250 pounds per week.

This means that I can buy anything, in any quantity I like. 

On Monday of this week, I was busy at work for part of the day, and had a rehearsal for most of the rest of it, but I saw Layla again in the evening.  Every time I tell her I love her, she still looks at me as if I have hurt her.  The nature of the repulsion does not appear to be physical, because she had no reservations about sucking my penis, without a condom.  We have kissing, and then sex, and then the wiping of genital areas and disposal of condom, and then we hold hands or cuddle.  Layla is peaceful and contented, until the point when I mention the possibility that we might do anything together outside that very room. 

I had another rehearsal on Tuesday, but I managed to get a booking with Kyla.  Kyla is a much more cheerful person than Layla, and much nearer to my usual physical type, but she is not as intelligent.  She likes kissing even more than Layla.  I think my last words to her just before I left were, ‘Stop it; stop it; stop it.’  She was still virtually naked, and she kept embracing me and kissing me as I was trying to leave.  She is twenty years old, and said she was half-American.  She mentioned something about having to decide on her twenty-first birthday whether she wants US or UK citizenship.  I did not bother to point out to her that neither of those governments will have any jurisdiction in the new colony. 

Emile had told us that our performance on Tuesday was “flat, tedious and hopelessly lacking in spirit” and so he gave us a day off on Wednesday.  I saw Layla again in the morning, and Jade in the afternoon.  I don’t know why, but Layla told me some information about the other girls.  She said Cindy is “blonde and leggy”; Jade is submissive, bisexual, and likes sex with couples; Olivia is very new, and Angel is very hot.  She did not say anything about Grace, other than she is the one who answers the phone when Anna has her day off.  Anna doesn’t “work” (but I got the impression that she used to). 

Jade was petite, very attractive, and quietly-spoken but talkative.  She said her career-ambition was to be a teacher.  I enjoyed seeing her.  I told her she was the most beautiful woman in the world (which was a lie: Violet is the most beautiful woman in the entire world, followed jointly by Lieutenant Thorne and Prudence).  She looked at me quizzically for a moment and smiled with embarrassment.  I don’t know if that was on her own account or because she thought I was talking like an idiot, but it was endearing to watch.   I don’t know if it was me, or Jade herself, or something Layla had said about her, but I couldn’t come.  I was still inside her when the hour ran out, and Jade said I could not have any more time because she had another client.  Jade did not come, either.  She did not even attempt to simulate an orgasm, for which I was glad. 

On Thursday, I had arranged to see Angel, but she was ill, and so Kyla stood in for her.  Kyla seemed rather sad when I spoke to her (though she was still physically as responsive as before).  I asked her what was wrong, and she became quite animated and more cheerful after that.  She works as an admin assistant for some over-bearing man who had been nasty to her.  She did not give his name, but she mentioned that he had a Scottish accent, which immediately suggested Kerr McLean.  I made a mental note always to try to remember to ask her how she is and what kind of day she is having upon seeing her.  Kyla always makes me come, even when I am feeling tired or distracted.  I think it is her enthusiasm as much as her beauty or her technique. 

On Friday, I saw Cindy.  She was, as Layla had described, blonde and leggy.  She was wearing very striking-looking shocking pink fishnet stockings, suspenders, and knickers.  She had a small silver bar through one nipple.  She told me that she had had the piercing done recently, and asked me not to touch her on that tit, because it was still sore.  She was smoking a cigarette (somebody must have disabled the smoke detector in the room) and, there being no ash-tray, she was flicking the ash into a cup in the bottom of which was half an inch of cold, milky coffee, and the butts of her last two cigarettes, complete with dusky pink lipstick traces.  Her previous three colleagues all having been enthusiastic and skilled kissers, I attempted to kiss Cindy.  She did not withdraw. She did not recoil. She did not respond.  She simply glanced at me as if I were an idiot.  All I got from her was an odour of tobacco. 

Cindy appeared to have a script worked out.  After I had undressed, she indicated that she wanted me to lie on the bed, face up.  She sat astride me, and she weighed hardly anything.  She still had her shocking pink knickers on, which were wider than a thong but narrower than briefs.  She leant forward, and I pulled her knickers to one side.  She began touching my penis, and I sustained a reasonably firm erection.  She put a condom on me, and then began to fellate me.  She used her teeth, very expertly.  She took my glans in her mouth, closed her jaws slightly so that her teeth were located exactly under the ridge around the end of my penis, and then bobbed her head up and down, keeping her jaw in exactly the same position.  It was a sensation I had only ever had before with Violet.  Stimulating though this was, I knew I would only be able to take it for a short while.  At exactly the moment when I was thinking about saying something, she stopped, and just fellated me normally for a little while.  Still without taking her knickers off, she sat on my cock and started to fuck me.  She leaned forward to give me a better view.  Just as I was coming, she emitted a single, loud exclamation which sounded like a noise a karate expert might make when executing a punch.  It was impossible for me to tell exactly what this meant. 

As I was removing the condom, I realised that she had not asked for the money.  The agreed price was, as usual, four sovereigns.  I gave her four-and-a-half sovereigns.  She looked at the gold coins in her palm, and eyed the unexpected half sovereign as if it were proof cast in metal that I was mentally defective. 

‘That’s a little bit extra, because it was so nice,’ I explained.  She shrugged, and accepted it. 

I decided to take the weekend off from Starlight Escorts.


In the pantomime that I am directing which is known as Starlight Escorts, Kelvin has now shagged Layla, Kyla, Jade and Cindy (Skinny, Cheerful, Bisexual, and Sleazy).  Should he please, he has Grace, Angel and Olivia  (Ordinary, Anal, and Talkative) yet to come. 

Some idiot knocked on the door of my cabin during the session with Jade.  I temporarily had to relinquish control over her.  That, and the fact that Kelvin was possibly over-reaching himself, meant that the session was not orgasmic.  I will be interested to see which of them, apart from Layla and Kyla, who seem to be his favourites at the moment, he will continue to ask for. 

Layla is going to have to stop her silly habit of running down the corridor to get away from him.  I noticed him looking after her last time, with a longing look and an expression of uncertainty in his eyes.  I thought for one awful moment that he was going to run after her.  That would have been very embarrassing. 



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