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‘The Companion’: chapter 22 (content warning: explicit sex and adult themes)

Iamhyperlexic brings you a ‘Hallmark’ Valentine’s Day.


The suspense of waiting for Kelvin to take the bait in Operation Fishhook was very nerve-wracking, but at least it gave me the opportunity to catch up with my other work.  I went part-time on my cleaning job and then resigned it altogether as soon as I had had access to all the places where I wanted to plant surveillance devices. 

I am up to date with the pantomime costumes now, and have started taking orders for other clothes.  The business is quite lucrative.  Pamela has had to improve her own appearance a bit for marketing purposes.  I keep putting my prices up, and yet I gain more and more clients.  I would almost say that my clothes have started to acquire snob-value.  My clients include not just Kelvin (who is a secret client) but Cerise Vallance, some of her wealthier hangers-on, and Jessica Springer.   Jessica is extremely patronising in her manner with me but her money is as good as any-one else’s.  We have no proper system of credit yet (other than hand-written IOUs which I won’t take).  Everything I make is paid for in cash.  

Pamela is working for Anna and her girls at the moment.  I have made a red, lace brief set and stockings for Layla, and red shoes, and a shiny, aquamarine one with black lace edging and black, patent calf-length stiletto-heeled boots for Kyla.  I have been practising controlling two of them at once.  Getting them to function is one thing, but getting them to pass for human is quite another.  Each simulacrum has a little bit of onboard software which prevents it from freezing, even when I am not sending it any instructions, but it cannot hold a conversation, or carry out any complex activity without me. 

I got a message two days ago from the program which was monitoring Kelvin’s searches on the intranet.  He finally entered the word “escort”, and found the Starlight Escorts website.  He sent an email requesting a username and password, which Anna sent him.  The time he spent looking at the website was out of all proportion to the amount of material it contains at the moment.  The pages he dwelt on the longest were the “galleries”, which only have four pictures each of Layla and Kyla, all with the face obscured and none of them fully nude.  I watched him via the web-cam on his own workstation while he was doing this, and was surprised to note that he managed to keep his hands away from his person the whole time.  He mostly just sat and moped.  Finally, he rang Anna and requested a booking with Layla for that evening.  Anna told him that both Layla and Kyla were fully booked for the next two days.  He has an appointment for 16:00 tomorrow, with Layla, for one hour.


Since I was dumped by Prudence, I have decided to avoid any more relationships, at least until we have landed.   I have come across an escort service run by a woman called Anna.  She has two women available at the moment.  They call themselves Layla and Kyla.  Earlier today I had an appointment with Layla. 

Anna gave me a lot of instructions over the phone, and told me exactly what route to take to the cabin where Layla was.  She said this was to reduce the chance of any of the clients seeing each other.  The cabin is on Deck 7.  It has an inter-com and camera on the outer door.  I pressed the buzzer and Layla answered in a cheerful voice.  She buzzed me through the outer door and opened the inner one herself.  She was wearing a long coat, which she soon removed, and under which she turned out to be wearing nothing apart from red underwear.  She is shorter and much thinner than my normal type, but I found myself captivated by her from the moment I first saw her.  She has a very refined, very youthful face, green eyes, and blonde hair.  She gave me a quick kiss of greeting, but after she had removed her coat, she went to work.  She went on tip-toe in her red court shoes, put her arms round my neck, and gave me a long, very deep and very expert kiss.  She seems to like kissing.  I thought the height difference between us must be making her uncomfortable, and so I sat in an armchair opposite the bed, with Layla on my knee.  We did some more kissing, and she caressed my face and neck with her slender, meticulously-manicured fingers.  She asked me if I wanted a shower, but I had had one immediately before going to see her.  I started to kiss the rest of her body: her neck, her shoulders, her arms, and down towards her breasts.  While I was doing this, she seemed to be glancing at the clock.

‘Is it the full hour?’ she asked. 

‘Yes.  Do you want the money now?’

‘Yes, please.’  I gave her four sovereigns (more than a week’s wages for some workers) which she immediately took into the kitchen area of the cabin and put into some kind of small safe.  When she returned, she took her shoes off and lay down on the bed.  I got undressed and joined her. 

She seemed content for me to make love to her.  She lay on her front, and I lay half on top of her, supporting as much of my own weight as I could.  I put my hands under her arms, and held her wrists, on which she was resting her head.  I kissed the back of her neck and her shoulders, all over, very slowly and deliberately.  She gave a few small moans, which were lovely to hear.  I gripped her wrists quite firmly, and kissed her more passionately.  I realised after a minute that I was thrusting my pelvis against her.  I stopped to remove her brassiere and her knickers.  She lay on her back and lifted herself to help me with the knicker-removal.  Her face had taken on a serious expression which seemed to indicate mounting arousal.   She opened a drawer in the bedside cabinet and took out a condom.  She opened it and put in on me. 

‘Screw me,’ she said.  I climbed on top of her, and was pleased to find that she was very wet.  I thrust my penis into her, and it went in easily and comfortably.  I grabbed her wrists again, and held them down on the pillow, above her head.  This gesture, which could so easily have been the prelude to mistreatment, she accepted and seemed to like.  ‘Oh, Kelvin,’ she said, in a voice trembling with feeling that was either genuine, or amazingly good acting.  She emitted a series of small screams. ‘Oh, Kelvin, I’m coming!’ she said, not loudly, but breathlessly.   This was the trigger for me to ejaculate. 

I carefully withdrew, removed the condom, and tied a knot in it before dropping it in the bin.  She offered me some tissues to wipe myself with.  We then lay back on the bed.  Layla held my hand and kissed me from time-to-time. 

‘Do you have another job?’

‘Not at the moment.’

‘What is your background?’

‘Do you mean work-wise?’


‘I am an archaeologist.’  I did not reply.  ‘Yes, that’s going to be pretty useless in the new colony, isn’t it?’

‘Not necessarily.’  We stopped talking for a while.  Layla glanced at the clock again.  We had another eighteen minutes.  She stroked my arm and my chest.  ‘Do you mind if I say something really juvenile and stupid?’ 

‘Go ahead.’  She looked almost interested. 

‘I’m falling in love with you.’

‘Oh.’  She looked as if I had slapped her. 

‘Is that the wrong thing to say?  I suppose what I am saying is that I would like to see you outside this room.’

‘And do what?’

‘Well, er…We could start by eating together.’

‘Anything involving food would be a problem.  I have a food phobia.  I hardly eat anything, and nothing that most normal people eat.’

‘OK.  Well, could we go for a walk round the Farm?’

‘I have an abysmal record with arrangements like that.  It sounds nice, but I just wouldn’t turn up.’  That was the end of the conversation.  We both got dressed, Layla into a different set of clothes which made her look a bit like a member of the maintenance team.  I must have been her last appointment for that day.  It was time for her to leave as well as me. 

In the corridor, I went left, and she went right.  She ran.

I wonder if there is anywhere on the ship where one could buy jewellery.  I’ll ask some of the people who have been making the props for the pantomime. 


I was glad of the sex with Kelvin.  Even distant, remotely-controlled sex via an intermediary.   I knew Kelvin would ask Layla for a date.  He is a fool. 



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