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My name is WT-G and I’m an addict

Despite being short of money this month, I have bought 6 more credits for the bloody awful www.write-invite.com.  It sounds like something from a pulp science fiction novel.  6 credits.  The reason I bought 6 is that it is “buy 5 get one free”: BFGOF. 

The next competition is tomorrow (Saturday 7 January).  If I don’t win it at least once in 2012 then I am giving it up forever, and you can hold me to that.  3rd is nowhere.  2nd is nowhere.  Top 10 is nowhere.  “Also read” is less than nowhere. 

I have written stories that would definitely have won the ballot, had the judges put them forward, and I have written stories that pleased the judges but which had no chance of winning the ballot.  All I need to do this year is to write something that does both.

My method for entering write-invite.com:

  1. Read the prompts.
  2. Resist temptation to write nasty email to organiser in protest against dreariness of prompts.
  3. Pick the least boring prompt, if there is one.
  4. Resist temptation to produce a piece of life-writing.  Life-writing in this format hardly ever works.
  5. Avoid cliche.  Avoid cliche.  Avoid cliche.
  6. Think of a character, an incident, and a twist.  The twist is the most important.  Work backwards from the twist if you can’t think of what else to do.
  7. Write the first line.
  8. With the twist in mind, write the final paragraph.
  9. Write the remainder.  The last thing you write is therefore the link between the middle and the final paragraph. 
  10. Leave at least 3 or 4 minutes for proof-reading.

All this is on the assumption that the server is working, which it sometimes is not. 

And then, wait until Wednesday afternoon at about 5pm.  If you get an email, it means you are being asked to vote, and if you are being asked to vote, it means you have failed.  If you don’t get an email, try to remain calm while you look up the write-invite website to see if you have been shortlisted.

If you have been shortlisted, wait again until about 5pm on the following Saturday, to find out whether you have won, or are a runner-up. 

Why do I do this?  I don’t have a reason.  I don’t need a reason.  It is something I do.


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