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‘The Companion’: Final Instalment Day

Following the rejection of the first three chapters of ‘The Companion’ by two agents, I am thinking of ways to promote volume 1. One of these will be to write volume 2, which I have already started thinking about.

Interest in ‘The Companion’ seems to be re-awakening, probably because of the intake of people who had not heard of it into the A363 class. I have had a couple of requests recently for the first of the PDF files, and I intend to solicit some more. I expect that most people who read the first PDF will want the second one and hence the final instalment.

When I was converting it into PDFs, I decided that I would send the final instalment free of charge to anybody who had provided reasonable feedback on the earlier parts. I have now decided to modify that plan.

I am going to institute Final Instalment Day. For one day only, anybody who asks by email will be able to receive, free of charge, the final instalment of ‘The Companion’. The only condition is that I must be satisfied that the individual concerned has read the rest of the story.

The date I have set for Final Instalment Day is 18 March 2012: the day after the announcement of the ‘Fish’ short fiction competition, which I have entered.


3 responses to “‘The Companion’: Final Instalment Day

  1. Killer Gorilla December 7, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    I hope that you will still be prepared to sign copies of The Companion when it is published even to people who have read it in full. I’m delighted that you are starting work on volume 2 and look forward to having both volumes on my bookshelves once you find a publisher with some sense.

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