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I am the blurb

The ‘Grist’ launch party at Rhubarb in Huddersfield was a roaring success and I hope to be posting some photographs from it soon. 

I delivered my excerpt, all forty-one words of it, from memory.  As I said in my introduction, this was ironic considering that there were a hundred copies of the book on hand should I have needed one. 

‘Slow Dance With A Skeleton’ is a story about  a man who meets a nutter in a railway station, but with a twist. 

It did not start to sink in until I held the book in my hands that it was real, and that my work was in it.  I checked the table of contents.  I checked my story’s title page.  I checked the mini-biography at the back.  In all cases, they had spelt my name correctly (it had been wrong in the proofs). 

Very uncharacteristically for me, I did not finish examining the book until I got home.  It was only then that I looked at the back of it. 

I am the blurb

There are three paragraphs, printed in white on red, the top and bottom ones in bold and the middle one in normal type.  The middle one is by the editor (Michael Stewart).  The bottom one is a quotation from Edgar Allan Poe.  The top one is my forty-one words.  That is the advertisement I wrote at the age of 26 and placed in the personal column of Private Eye for what seemed like an inordinately large amount of money.   When I wrote ‘Slow Dance With A Skeleton’, I placed it into a fictional story, but the advert itself is biographical. 

The piece that I chose to recite at the launch party is the same one, out of 170 pages of text, that Michael Stewart chose to summarise the whole volume.  That’s me on the back cover of the book.  I am the blurb.


4 responses to “I am the blurb

  1. Laura Creber (A363) November 23, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    Wonderful! I am obscurely proud 🙂
    I plan to buy it later.
    Congratulations William

    Laura Creber

    • wthirskgaskill November 23, 2011 at 4:11 pm

      Thank you. Do please read it, not just for my story but for the others as well. Judging by the readings last night, it is an absolute cracker, and right at the cutting-edge of contemporary fiction.

      It should be available for borrowing from public libraries soon.

  2. Robert Cullen November 23, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    The first of many hopefully.

    I will ask my wife to pick up a copy the next time she is at the library.

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