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Have we gone mad? Literature festival for Horbury

My partner, Jane, and I have had the idea of starting a literature festival in Horbury.  Horbury is a village near Wakefield in the north of England.

We are quite clearly trying to bite off more than we can chew, but the idea is perhaps not quite as daft as it sounds.

For a start, Horbury already has its own festival, each summer.  The main event is a show, with a fairground, Punch & Judy, falconry display, candy floss – that sort of thing – and England’s most miserable-looking majorette troupe (the ‘Horbury Pink Ladies’).  In the evening, some of the local pubs have bands on, and there is a beer festival.  I think it would be possible to put a literary event alongside this.

We have two community halls to use as venues, as well as rooms in some quite nice pubs.

And we also have a bookshop, Rickaro Books:


I am sure we could work that in somehow, possibly with a competition or a book fair.

Please reply to this message if you have any suggestions for events or people to appear.

We also need a name.  I thought at first of suggesting ‘Hyperlexia’ but I think that would confuse people.  My next thought was ‘Lilliput’.  That connotes smallness, and Horbury is a small place (though the inhabitants are the same size as anywhere else in the United Kingdom) and also has the advantage of being out of copyright.   Please let me know if you have a better suggestion, preferably a single word and not already a registered trade name.

I have to go now and get ready for an outing to Kinsley Greyhound track.  We are, literally, going to the dogs.



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