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Re-tweeted by the demi-god, David Quantick

Yesterday’s hit rate for the blog, the highest since the day after it began, was due to my having been re-tweeted by the writer and comedian, David Quantick, who has over 25,000 followers on Twitter.

I would first like to say that the fact that David came last on celebrity Come Dine with Me was an absolute travesty, about which I will certainly be writing to my MP.  David’s bold – one would even say Avant Garde – choice of serving cheese for the last course, rather than some cloying dessert, should have been rewarded.

And he should be given many more scripts to write, and more money, and probably put in charge of the government of the United Kingdom and several other leading countries.  Life would be much more fun, and healthier, and certainly have more and better jokes in it.


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