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Made-up tutor 2

Frank Hard was born in Castleford in 1966.  He had no formal education and began work at the age of 15 in a factory that processed slaughterhouse waste.  Three years later, while already serving a custodial sentence for assault, he was tried for the murder of another inmate and convicted.  It was during his life sentence in Wakefield prison that he became interested in creative writing.

His first publication is a piece of experimental short fiction that he wrote while still incarcerated, often referred to as On The Outside, but its full title is: When You Mark This, You Bender, Remember I Have Mates On The Outside.    This was followed by a novel, What Are You Looking At?  and a stage-play, Don’t Sit in the Front Three Rows.

Hard’s on-off relationship with Clytemnestra Hotchkiss is the talk of literary circles throughout the north of England.  After their last public break-up, at a book launch in Huddersfield in 2011,  both partners wrote a short collection of poetry.  Hard’s is entitled Soz Our Lass, and Hotchkiss’s Hard By Name But Not Where It Matters.


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