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The Elvis-impersonator’s day off

My name is Katy.  I am a psychiatric nurse, and I work most weekends as an Elvis impersonator.  Today is Saturday, but I am having a day off.  I’ve got a hot date.

I was doing a performance at a civil partnership ceremony at a pub hotel in Batley.  I looked at one of the brides, and instantly fell for her.  She was gorgeous: really girly, lovely face; long, treacle-blonde hair; curvy figure; long, slender fingers.  She was wearing a white silk dress which she wore very well.  I was smitten.

I can’t remember what the other one looked like, except that she was out of her league.

When I started my act, I could not help myself.  I am known for generating a lot of audience participation (or embarrassing people, depending on personality and blood-alcohol level).  I couldn’t keep myself away from her.  I didn’t touch her at first, but every-one in the room could see that I was making this bride in the dress the centre of attention.

I usually start with the up-tempo numbers: A Little Less Conversation, and Jailhouse Rock (which was appropriate, going by the number of women there who were guards at New Hall prison).  Then I usually go into Heartbreak Hotel, and then slow it down a bit.  When I started Are You Lonesome Tonight, I knelt on the floor on front of her, in my white calf-skin suit and rhinestone-studded white cowboy boots, and I held her hand.  She kept glancing from me to the other bride, and back again.  And she smiled at me.  And every minute or so she gave a cute little giggle, as if she was embarrassed to be having so much fun.

I’m meeting her at 1 o’clock at Dewsbury station.  We were going to have a few drinks, and then see where it goes.

I don’t think of myself as a heart-breaker, or a home-wrecker.  I don’t feel bad about this.  I mean, if she fell for me at her own wedding, it can’t have been a good idea for her go to go through with the civil partnership, can it?

She’s late.


One response to “The Elvis-impersonator’s day off

  1. Michelle Stewart Was Donaghey October 20, 2011 at 11:40 pm

    Hi WT-G, I’ve subscribed so I don’t miss a thing. Good luck with the blog.
    Best regards
    Chelle Stewart

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