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The Department of Justice issued a statement today after the unprecedented murder of a Crown Court judge in a court that was actually in session at the time of the outrage.

The accused in the trial is a young medical student whose name is Maxwell Edison.  He is accused of murdering one of his lecturers during an after-hours class given to him as a punishment for disrupting an earlier, scheduled class, and also his girlfriend, known to the court only as ‘Joan’.

Examination of Edison’s mobile phone records shows that he was still in the act of talking to her while he picked the lock of the door of her flat, invaded the hall, and hit her over the head with a hammer.  The court heard testimony from forensic experts who said that the head of the murder weapon was unusual in being chrome-plated and highly polished.  The same weapon is believed to have been used in the killing of the lecturer and the judge.

The Court Service has launched an enquiry into how the hammer returned to the possession of the accused during the hearing.  A court clerk and a security guard have been suspended from duty pending investigations.

Two women shouted from the public gallery, apparently with a plea to the judge for clemency, but were ejected.

A re-trial with enhanced security is in prospect.  A spokesman for the Home Office was unavailable for comment.


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